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  • Economic Rorschach Test

    In psychology, a Rorschach test is one in which the patient is presented with a series of inkblot images, and how the patients perceive the images helps inform the psychologist about the patients’ personality characteristics and emotional functioning. Similarly, a chart accompanying a recent…
    Brian Balfour, July 14, 2021
  • Former McCrory Commerce Pick Advocates for Medicaid Expansion

    Sharon Decker, NC Department of Commerce secretary during the McCrory administration in 2013-14, authored this editorial recently published at Decker attempts to make the case for North Carolina to expand Medicaid, focusing her argument on the potential economic benefits to the state. She begins her…
    Brian Balfour, July 13, 2021
  • State-Run Retirement Plans for Private Sector Workers?

    There’s no doubt that the federal and state governments have far exceeded their core, constitutionally-established functions. HB 899, North Carolina Work and Save, would unfortunately continue that trend, and should be stopped. The bill would establish a retirement fund to be managed and administered by the…
    Brian Balfour, July 2, 2021
  • Another Expensive Press Release From Roy Cooper

    At $50,000,  compared to the $875 million press release issued for the massive Apple taxpayer giveaway, this press release was somewhat cheap. Elkay Manufacturing, a leading producer of sinks and water delivery products, will expand its operations in Robeson County, leading to…
    Brian Balfour, July 1, 2021
  • Dan Blue’s Continued Hypocrisy on Taxes

    Estimates from the Senate budget proposal’s tax cut plan project a tax savings of roughly $13.9 billion over the next five years. According to Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue (D-Wake), however, allowing hard-working North Carolinians to keep more of their own money is “reckless.” “I don’t…
    Brian Balfour, June 24, 2021
  • It’s Not Even Close: Nuclear and Natural Gas Are FAR Better at Achieving Emissions Goals Than Wind or Solar

    A new study released today by the John Locke Foundation spells out just how superior nuclear and natural gas are in achieving carbon emission reduction goals for the state. Relying more heavily on solar and wind is “an expensive, wasteful, and risky means of achieving the…
    Brian Balfour, June 23, 2021
  • Creators of the “People’s Budget” Phoning it in for 2021

    A far-left coalition of groups in North Carolina calling itself “NC United for Survival & Beyond” (NCUSB) is back again, but this time with what could be described as a half-hearted effort at best. They recently released their “People’s Budget” platform of demands for 2021. You…
    Brian Balfour, June 16, 2021
  • Senate Approves Tax Relief Bill

    Pop quiz: Should decisions about how the money you earn is spent be decided by: A) You and your loved ones in kitchen table conversations, or B) In committee meetings in Raleigh by self-interested politicians who have never met you That question is at the heart of every debate about…
    Brian Balfour, June 10, 2021