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  • Wrong Way: JLF’s Mitch Kokai Weighs In On Corporate Welfare Legislation

    Greensboro News & Record reports on a bill introduced yesterday that will offer more incentives to big businesses looking to come to the area. A Republican-sponsored bill, introduced Tuesday, aims to make North Carolina more attractive for recruiting corporate headquarters, particularly to Charlotte and the Triangle.
    Anna Manning, November 28, 2018
  • CJ reports: Hospitals not transparent in pricing

    Carolina Journal reports on State Treasurer Dale Folwell pushing for price transparency in NC hospitals. State Treasurer Dale Folwell wants the U.S. Department of Justice to require all North Carolina hospitals to be transparent in their pricing and recover excessive charges hospitals made to the State Health Plan. He…
    Anna Manning, November 27, 2018
  • CJ Reports: Lawsuits Inevitable Over Voter ID

    Carolina Journal’s Dan Way reports: Lawmakers are developing rules for the freshly passed voter ID constitutional amendment. But nobody believes the law will take effect without a pitched court battle. One voting law expert has a suggestion. “I would recommend that the state legislature include a provision in any…
    Anna Manning, November 27, 2018
  • Lawmakers return after Thanksgiving to spell out voter ID amendment, more

    From Carolina Journal’s Daily Journal: The 2018 ballot was loaded with constitutional amendments. Six, to be exact. Four will become part of the state constitution, but the General Assembly must pass enabling legislation for one, “Requires a photo ID to vote in person.” It passed by a 55 percent-45 percent vote.
    Anna Manning, November 26, 2018
  • Daily Journal: Keep state spending in check

    John Hood writes for Carolina Journal’s Daily Journal that although it may not be exciting, newly and re-elected law makers should act with prudence, making a responsible budget with no dramatic changes. So far this year, North Carolina’s state budget is running a surplus. There’s nothing new about that…
    Anna Manning, November 26, 2018
  • JLF’s Garland Tucker in Real Clear History, “Then and Now: Appeasement Is Folly”

    John Locke Foundation Senior Fellow, Garland Tucker, was featured in Real Clear History writing on what we can learn from history and what appeasement has taught us. Winston Churchill left us a marker: “Study history, study history. In history lie all the secrets of statecraft.” From our 21st…
    Anna Manning, November 20, 2018
  • Join Us On Monday: Will Brett Kavanaugh Destroy The Constitution?

    On Monday, November 26th, Campbell Law Professor Greg Wallace joins us to answer the question “will Brett Kavanaugh Destroy The Constitution?” Critics of President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court have expressed varying degrees of concern about Kavanaugh’s views and impact on the high court.
    Anna Manning, November 20, 2018
  • Thankful For Our North Carolina Farmers

    We are thankful for our farmers every day of the year, but especially this Thanksgiving following one of the most destructive storms to ever hit the coast of the Carolinas. From John Locke Foundation’s Joe Coletti: It is hard to imagine what would be on tables this Thanksgiving if it…
    Anna Manning, November 16, 2018