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  • The Latest From CJ: BOG member Long: Roper, Smith pushed ECU’s Staton out

    Kari Travis reports for Carolina Journal: “This was not a termination. This is a resignation by Chancellor Staton. The policy provision that Steve (Gov. Long) references would apply only if the Board or the president were pursuing the involuntary separation of the chancellor. “In addition, the Board of Governors,…
    Anna Manning, March 18, 2019
  • Research Update: Time for the N.C. Senate to Step Up on Eminent Domain

    JLF’s Director of Legal Studies, Jon Guze, writes that North Carolina earned a C- in eminent domain law. Only 18 other states do worse. As explained in the John Locke Foundation’s Freedom in North Carolinareport, North Carolina’s failure to adequately protect private property from eminent domain abuse is…
    Anna Manning, March 18, 2019
  • Daily Journal: State Continues To Expand Freedom

    John Hood writes for Carolina Journal‘s Daily Journal: Among the 50 states, North Carolina is relatively free. There are various ways to measure this. One reasonable and consumer-friendly tool is the Cato Institute’s “Freedom in the 50 States” project. On its website, you can compare state performance on…
    Anna Manning, March 18, 2019
  • Daily Journal: How to expand insurance coverage without expanding Medicaid

    Great ideas from JLF’s Becki Gray on increasing access to care and decreasing costs without expanding Medicaid: We don’t have to join the government spiral. When we reduce the cost of health care, and as health care costs go down, the cost of health insurance will go down, too,…
    Anna Manning, March 15, 2019
  • Daily Journal: Cooper budget uses excessive debt

    John Hood writes for Carolina Journal‘s Daily Journal: In North Carolina, by contrast, state government has run small to moderate surpluses every year since the end of the Great Recession. Its operating budget cannot, legally, run a deficit. Moreover, state lawmakers and governors have wisely chosen not to spend…
    Anna Manning, March 13, 2019
  • CJ reports: Eudy says governor will ‘try harder’ to comply with records requests

    Carolina Journal‘s Kari Travis reports: When describing access to public records, “slow” is the first word that comes to mind, Ken Eudy, a senior adviser to Gov. Roy Cooper said Monday, March 11, during a talk on government transparency at Elon University. Eudy’s 30-minute speech came before a group…
    Anna Manning, March 13, 2019
  • From JLF’s Joe Coletti: Gov. Cooper’s Latest Budget Plan No More Realistic Than Others He Has Proposed

    In last week’s press release, JLF’s Fiscal Policy Senior Fellow Joe Coletti highlights concerns with Gov. Cooper’s budget plans: Of Particular Concern For Parents, State Employees, and Taxpayers 1. Gov. Cooper would close the door on Opportunity Scholarships that help low-income parents find better education alternatives. 2. Gov.
    Anna Manning, March 12, 2019
  • LISTEN HERE: Latest Head Locke Episode, “Program focuses on male students at flagship UNC campus”

    Female students have outnumbered males for years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In recent years, as applications have increased and the college admittance rate has decreased, the percentage of male students has continued to decline. That’s one of the issues Chris Faison addresses as coordinator of…
    Anna Manning, March 12, 2019