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  • Reminder: judge found that NC State Board of Elections violated 14th Amendment

    With NC State Board of Elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell’s appearance before the NC Senate Elections and Redistricting committee yesterday, this is a good time to remember that a federal judge found that she had violated the Equal Protection Clause of…
    Andy Jackson, March 24, 2021
  • Elaine Marshall: crime fighter & biscuit maker

    I inherited an old recipe box from my mom. Not really needing a recipe box (like most folks these days, I go online when I need a recipe), I rifled through it to fish out any family recipes it might contain before throwing the rest away. While doing so, I…
    Andy Jackson, March 22, 2021
  • Madison Cawthorn’s district is not gerrymandered

    Scrolling through #ncpol on Twitter this morning, I came across a tweet about Buncombe County Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara announcing her candidacy for Congress in the 11th District against incumbent Madison Cawthorn. Inevitably, someone posted what I see almost every time a…
    Andy Jackson, March 3, 2021
  • State Elections Board leader falsely claims she didn’t alter election laws in settlement

    NC State Board of Elections (SBE) Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell spoke to the NC House Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform committee yesterday. While the main topics were a review of the 2020 election and her recommendation that municipal elections scheduled for this year be postponed until next year,…
    Andy Jackson, February 25, 2021
  • Voter registration data: The “purge” is almost over and the Republican bleed off continues

    I update our voter registration changes page every Monday. Here are this week’s changes: Democrats:    -2,827 Republicans: -3,320 Libertarians:       -34 Unaffiliated:  -1,351 Here are a couple of notes from this week’s update. The biennial voter registration “purge” is almost over. North Carolina’s biennial voter registration list…
    Andy Jackson, February 22, 2021
  • Progressive group plans to hit county election boards with “administrative advocacy”

    Democracy NC is a progressive organization that is a charter member of Blueprint NC that produced the 2013 strategy memo that advocated attacking the new Pat McCrory administration with a goal to “eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.” Seeing…
    Andy Jackson, February 10, 2021