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Locke's Andy Jackson testifies before the N.C. General Assembly June 2021

Great Info: Andy Jackson’s Update on Election Integrity Bills Moving Through The Legislature

Locke’s Andy Jackson has been at the General Assembly this week, testifying about several bills that would impact North Carolina’s election rules as we seek to ensure free and fair elections. We know that election integrity is a huge issue in our state. A Civitas Poll from March showed a high level of distrust. In fact, fewer than half of likely North Carolina voters — 49% — believe next year’s elections in North Carolina will be free and fair, with a full 40% saying no, the 2022 elections won’t be free and fair. The remaining 11% were unsure.

This makes Andy’s role at Locke of critical importance to our state. Andy talked with Locke’s Mitch Kokai about the progress being made with bills he’s following on behalf of every North Carolinian.

First is the bill to make Election Day the election deadline. Read Andy’s prepared testimony on this subject before the General Assembly this week, and watch him discuss it here.


The second is a bill to eliminate private funding of elections administration. Andy refers to this process as ‘Zuck Bucks.’ Andy explains why, and what’s at stake. Read Andy’s prepared testimony on ‘Zuck Bucks,” and watch him discuss it below.

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