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Leftists Are Just Fine With PC Culture

The Left and the Right perceive two different Americas. A recent Fox News poll confirmed it, as I noted recently. As a reminder of the political divide as evidenced by top priorities revealed in the poll:

Democrats: climate change, racism, and health care.

Republicans: illegal immigration, the economy, and voter fraud.

I consider the political divide to be a proxy for the ideological divide. ‘Big’ is the only way to describe it.

Data from Pew Research confirms there is a gulf that separates us in this country on an issue that dominates the public square: politically correct culture. The U.S. gulf is wider than what’s seen in the UK, France, or Germany. Look at this:

Make no mistake. From culture to politics, we are starkly divided. Fasten your seat belts.

Donna Martinez / Senior Writer and Editor

Donna came to the John Locke Foundation in January 2003 after freelance writing for Carolina Journal and contributing to projects for the North Carolina Education Alliance. He...