Student takes test at desk

NC district adopts “nobody fails” grading policy

WNCN reports,

Teachers working in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools warn a new grading policy will harm high school students despite district leaders saying it will help them.

As part of the new policy, three high school teachers tell WCNC Charlotte they can no longer give a student any grade below a “50,” even if that student never attended class or turned in an assignment.

In addition, the teachers said after a deadline passes for an assignment, they must now give students a five-day grace period.

If the student doesn’t turn in the assignment after the five days, the teachers said they can deduct no more than five points for missing a deadline.

“So a student could basically turn in something from January as late as the end of mid-March, when the quarter ends, and they can still get up to a 95,” a CMS teacher said.

Grades are both incentives and learning tools.  This policy ensures that they are neither.

Terry Stoops / Director of the Center for Effective Education | John Locke Foundation

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