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Candidate Question: What can be done to bring down healthcare costs and help all NC citizens receive coverage?

In order to bring down health care costs in NC, the state legislature needs to focus on both supply-side and demand-side health care reforms.

Here is a list of possible supply-side reforms:

  • Create a system for recognizing out-of-state health care licenses.
  • Codify an inclusive definition of telehealth practices and who can use telehealth.
  • Allow for telehealth across state lines.
  • Reject mandates on telehealth coverage or payment.
  • Grant full practice authority to highly trained nursing professionals.
  • Expand pharmacists’ scope of practice to include testing and treating of non-chronic diseases.
  • Repeal Certificate of Need (CON).

To address the demand and coverage options, the General Assembly should consider a state innovation waiver that offers several ways to lower the cost of care expanding the reach of coverage to more individuals.

Jordan Roberts / Government Affairs Associate

Jordan joined the Locke Foundation in the summer of 2018 as Health Care Policy Analyst. He analyzes state and national health policy issues with an eye toward removing governm...