Trump as the Democrats’ white whale

Peter Skurkiss uses an American Thinker column to compare President Trump and his Democratic antagonists to famous American literary characters.

In a telling way, the current political scene is a replay of Herman Melville’s 1851 novel, Moby Dick, with Donald Trump being the great white whale and the Democrats playing the role of the vengeful Captain Ahab. …

… Now to the present day. Like Ahab, Trump has severely traumatized the Democrats by defeating their anointed one, Hillary Clinton, in 2016. From that point, the party lost its mind. It could only see the world through the lens of hatred and became bound and possessed with destroying Trump to the exclusion of everything else. In the novel, Ahab passed down his obsession to most of the crew. The Democrat leadership has done the same to its rank-and-file members.

And like Ahab being appalled by Moby Dick’s whiteness, so the Democrats are with Trump’s. How often has it been said without a shred of evidence that Trump is a racist, a white supremacist? They even try to mock Trump’s fair complexion. “Orange Man bad” is one of their mantras.

Today’s politics is on schedule to have an ending similar to that of the novel. Ahab’s hatred and obsession destroyed himself and his ship. That looks like what will befall the Democrats (Ahab) and the party itself (the Pequod). As for Donald Trump, he will have scars from the harpoons thrown by the haters, but he’ll live to swim the ocean free, just like Moby Dick.

Mitch Kokai / Senior Political Analyst

Mitch Kokai is senior political analyst for the John Locke Foundation. He joined JLF in December 2005 as director of communications. That followed more than four years as chie...

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