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Snapshot of the Day: 36 Open U.S. House Seats So Far This Cycle

The folks at Pew Research have posted interesting data about the upcoming U.S. House election. Pew writes that, as of late January, there are 36 open U.S. House seats — with possibly more to come.

As of Jan. 28, 28 representatives (22 Republicans and six Democrats) have announced that they’re retiring and won’t seek reelection this year; four other Republicans and three Democrats are running for other offices instead. In addition, the seat of Duncan D. Hunter, R-Calif., who resigned earlier this month, won’t be filled by special election before November’s general election. That makes for 36 open seats that we know about so far.

It’s understandable that we’re focusing so much on the presidential candidates, and on the impact of the impeachment proceedings, but keep your eye on the U.S. House. Lots of shuffling that will help determine control of the chamber.

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