Green cronies trying to win over politicians rather than consumers? That’s not news.

Carolina Journal considered this a top story this week:

Clean energy champions: Sen. Rick Horner, R-Nash, and Rep. Larry Strickland, R-Johnston, can add Clean Energy Champions to their resumes. The two lawmakers were given the award Nov. 12 at the fifth annual Celebration of Clean Energy Champions Luncheon in Greensboro. Conservatives for Clean Energy and Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy sponsored the event. “Sen. Rick Horner and Rep. Larry Strickland fought to increase market competition in North Carolina’s monopoly-controlled electricity market,” Laurie Barnhart, CCE’s N.C. director, said in a news release.

“Market competition”? Market competition?

The renewable energy industry has made it crystal clear that they want nothing to do with market competition or anything near it. Their own advocates attest that their industry cannot survey without all kinds of government help.

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