Steyer ramps up the anti-GOP hyperbole

Elizabeth Matamoros of the Washington Free Beacon highlights the latest outlandish projection from left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer.

Republican victory in 2020 could bring about the end times, according to presidential candidate Tom Steyer.

Speaking at the Ohio Democratic Party’s 2019 State Dinner, the billionaire Democrat warned that the 2020 election would determine whether humanity or the Republican Party faces armageddon. Steyer argued that Republicans will never have power again if Democrats win in 2020 because Democrats would make the rules of politics “fair” going forward.

“We are in the fight of our lives,” Steyer said. “Everything is on the table in 2020. They think so too, because they think if they lose in 2020 the rules are going to be fair and they’re never going to win again. And they’re right. If we win in 2020, they’re done forever. But it’s scary for us, too, because if they win, literally it could be the end of the world.”

On Monday the Hill tweeted a clip of Steyer’s apocalyptic musings. Steyer retweeted it from his official account.

This is not the first time Steyer, one of the largest Democrat megadonors before entering the 2020 campaign in July, said Republicans can only win elections by suppressing the vote. In an earlier speech he pushed the debunked allegation that 100,000 African-American voters were kept from the polls in Wisconsin in 2016 by voter-suppression efforts. In 2018, he accused Republicans of wanting to do away with democratic processes.

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