Another news report on the minimum wage that ignores mainstream economics

Last year I asked I asked, “Why don’t reports on minimum-wage hikes cite mainstream economic thinking on it?” In response to one of the many articles in which reporters write about the issue, I wrote:

It would be nice if the reporter had spoken to an economist about the idea. After all, the negative impacts of the minimum wage is one of the items about which economists are in greatest agreement.

The News & Observer today reports on a forum in Durham on raising the minimum wage. Here’s who is quoted:

  • A minimum-wage worker
  • A minimum-wage worker
  • U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who supported a bill to increase the minimum wage by more than double
  • An activist for increasing the minimum wage by more than double
  • A crowd of activists for increasing the minimum wage by more than double
  • Durham Mayor Steve Schewel, who wants state leaders to increase the minimum wage by more than double
  • State Rep. Marcia Morey, who supports raising the minimum wage
  • An employee of Wendy’s (wage not given)

Guess what’s left out?

As I wrote about an earlier report in the N&O, which has long advocated a position on the minimum wage ignorant of mainstream economics:

But once again, no mention — no peep — no hint — in the article about the economics of the minimum wage. It was basically a rehash of rally talking points, an advocacy piece masquerading as journalism.

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