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School performance grades: Charters outperform districts

Yes, I am still writing about the 2017-18 accountability results.

This year, N.C. Department of Public Instruction analysts did not include a chart that compared district and charter performance grades, so I threw one together.  It shows that, compared to districts, charter schools had a higher percentage of A and B schools, a lower percentage of C and D schools, and a higher percentage of F schools.

I chose to exclude alternative, deaf and blind, lab, and regional schools from the groups.

*Note that these are preliminary calculations and thus are subject to change.*

Charter Number Charter Percent District Number District Percent
A 15 9% 170 7%
B 55 33% 661 28%
C 60 36% 1010 43%
D 30 18% 442 19%
F 8 5% 83 4%
Subtotal 168 2366
Alternative 3 90
Insufficient Data 2 10
Deaf and Blind Schools 0 3
Lab Schools 0 2
Regional School 0 1
Total 173 2472

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