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Pew Research: Should Brett Kavanaugh Be Confirmed to U.S. Supreme Court?

It’s a big Tuesday as the confirmation hearings are set to begin for Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a Pew Research Center survey just after Kavanaugh’s nomination, Americans were divided: 41% said he should be confirmed, 36% said he should not and 23% offered no opinion. There was far more agreement over the importance of the selection itself: 83% of U.S. adults said the choice of the next Supreme Court justice is important to them personally, including 63% who said it is very important.

The 83% figure jumps out, although I don’t see how it squares with the 23% figure. Nevertheless, this underscores the importance of the 2016 presidential election. Could it explain some of the vitriol spewed by those who didn’t vote for Mr. Trump? For me, Judge Kavanaugh is a solid choice, as he is for others — even for one prominent liberal feminist, Lisa Blatt.

Donna Martinez / Senior Writer and Editor

Donna came to the John Locke Foundation in January 2003 after freelance writing for Carolina Journal and contributing to projects for the North Carolina Education Alliance. He...