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LISTEN HERE: Latest Head Locke Podcast – Private Education: Rhetoric and Reality

Head Locke episode 23 – private education and the rhetoric that surrounds it with special guest, Rebekah Howard.

Many public school advocates and opponents of private school vouchers dismiss private education based on their belief that private schools offer an academically inferior, socially isolating, and dangerously dogmatic education.  They contend that that private education homogenizes children, employing curricula that insulates them from diverse people and viewpoints.

But, those who benefited from private school education usually tell a much different story.  This week, we are fortunate to have a guest who attended both a private elementary and secondary school and a public university.  Research intern Rebekah Howard joins Terry to discuss her experiences at Wake Christian Academy, a private school near Raleigh, N.C., and N.C. State University.

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