Judge Kavanaugh, Judge Napolitano, Ken Starr and Vince Foster

Let’s start with the local angle—in a News & Observer op-ed, veteran newspaperman Edwin Yoder Jr. says Democrats should dig into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton:

Kavanaugh is said to have been deeply involved in that partisan farce, as the right-hand man of Kenneth Starr, the former U.S. solicitor general. He was also the alleged writer — perhaps in part — of the Starr “report” that inspired the House to impeach. The details of that dark comedy have grown dim, but may well provide a moment or two of merriment in the Kavanaugh hearings.

Judge Kavanaugh should certainly be asked about his hand in the Starr report. More particularly, he should be asked if he can remain impartial should charges against his patron Donald Trump arise for resolution before the Court. The truth is that no nominee to the Court can properly be confirmed on the eve of an election that could change the Senate’s balance.

Turns out none other than Judge Andrew Napolitano also has questions about Kavanaugh’s ties to Ken Starr. Now I just happened to be watching Judge Napolitano live on Fox and Friends, so imagine my surprise when he said on national television what so many of us have believed over the last 25 years:

“You remember Vince Foster who killed himself in the White House?” Napolitano asked his Fox & Friends hosts. “How did his body get from the White House to Fort Marcy Park?”

“Who was the prosecutor in charge of figuring out how his body got there? Who was the prosecutor that exonerated Hillary and the thugs that moved his body? A young Brett Kavanaugh.”

Conspiracy theories have swirled around the death of Vince Foster, former President Bill Clinton‘s White House deputy counsel, since he committed suicide in 1993. The most prominent (but completely unfounded) theory is that Foster was killed in the White House by the Clintons, and his body was then dumped in a park.

No, I don’t believe Vince Foster was murdered, but I do believe—given given the activity in the immediate aftermath of Foster’s death –that it is entirely possible he committed suicide in the White House and his body was moved to Fort Marcy Park, where it was found. The fact that Judge Napolitano would so blatantly voice this theory makes you wonder what he knows that the rest of us don’t.

Sam Hieb / Contributing Editor

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