Nurse Practitioners Are More Likely To Practice Primary Care In Rural Areas

According to a report that was prepared for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nurse practitioners (NPs) who practice in rural areas are more likely to practice in a primary care setting. That’s a big deal for North Carolina, considering that there are over 145 primary care shortage areas in the state. It should be noted that the study included the following specialities as primary care: Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Geriatrics, General Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, Women’s Health, and School Health.

So, what policy changes are there that could help draw more NPs into less populated areas? Read about it in my Health Care Update here.

Katherine Restrepo / Director Of Healthcare Policy

Katherine Restrepo is the Director of Healthcare policy at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the John Locke Foundation, she interned at the Cato Institute under the di...