There’s an App for That!

I guess it was bound to happen. LegalFling is a smart phone app designed to help modern couples navigate America’s increasingly hazardous sexual landscape. From the company’s website:

LegalFling records sexual consent in a legally binding agreement, which is verifiable through the blockchain.

Sex should be fun and safe, but nowadays a lot of things can go wrong. Think of unwanted videos, withholding information about STDs and offensive porn reenactment. While you’re protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is nearly impossible in reality. LegalFling creates a legally binding agreement, which means any offense is a breach of contract. By using the Live Contracts protocol, your private agreement is verifiable using the blockchain and enforceable with a single click.


Jon Guze / Director of Legal Studies

Jon Guze is the Director of Legal Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the John Locke Foundation, Jon practiced law in Durham, North Carolina for over twent...

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