Highlights of the NEA’s Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly

Today, the National Education Association is wrapping up their 2017 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly.

While much of the coverage of the meeting has focused on the NEA’s “tougher stance” on charter schools, NEA delegates tackled many issues during their meeting.

New Business Item 1 was adopted.  Item 1 stated, “That NEA will make available through the NEA website an ongoing updated list of companies and organizations that the NEA is boycotting with a brief explanation as to why they are being boycotted.”  I can’t wait to see that list.

New Business Item 4 was adopted as modified.  Item 4 stated, “NEA-Retired requests that NEA draft model legislation that can be used in every state to address current concerns such as eliminating gerrymandering, reversing right to work, or preserving pensions.”  Gerrymandering?

New Business Item 8 was defeated.  Item 8 stated,  “The NEA President will communicate to Booking.com that its kindergarten advertisement was offensive to and demeaning of educators and our students. Further, utilizing existing communication resources, the NEA will urge its state and local affiliates to also let Booking.com know that its advertisement was demeaning of and offensive to educators and students.”  Here is an explanation.

Amendment 3 I-10. Global Climate Change was withdrawn.  Amendment 3 stated, “The Association supports the continued development and implementation of environmentally sound practices, including, but not limited to, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and reducing food waste that abate global climate change and its effects in partnership with the global community.”



Terry Stoops / Director of the Center for Effective Education | John Locke Foundation

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