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Who knew “It’s a Wonderful Life” Would Make Its Way Into a NC Supreme Court Opinion

Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby's concurring opinion in State v. Jones uses a classic film to make a point.

From Mitch Kokai:

Newby also crafted the most amusing opinion handed down today. In the unanimous decision of State v. Jones, Newby offered a concurring opinion relying on the longstanding judicial principles of … “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

In Jones the high court reversed the N.C. Court of Appeals in a Wayne County case. Justices ruled that a contract truck driver could be convicted of larceny for trying in 2012 to use nearly $120,000 deposited into his bank account because of a clerical error.

Newby’s five-page concurrence used Jones to revisit “the timeworn question” arising from Frank Capra’s classic 1946 holiday movie: “Was Old Man Potter simply morally corrupt, or was he also guilty of a crime?”

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Donna Martinez / Senior Writer and Editor

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