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Good For Wicked Weed, Writes CJ’s John Trump at Fee.org

Entrepreneurs have the right to reap the benefits of a good deal

Published at fee.org, Carolina Journal Managing Editor John Trump gives his take on the backlash against Asheville-based Wicked Weed for selling the business to Anheuser-Busch InBev. He also discusses the larger point.

We can let the free market reign or stunt growth through means both legal and legislative. In contrast to North Carolina lawmakers, who, apparently at the will of the large distributor lobby, allow the state’s brewers to produce no more than 25,000 barrels each year before – and you guessed it – procuring a distributor. A move this year to increase the limit to 200,000 barrels failed. Now a group of brewers are suing.

The idea that entrepreneurs toil and sweat and scrimp and save to build a business to achieve only limited profits and marginal growth is as naïve as it is selfish and unfair.

Read the entire piece here.

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