There’s Hope For Charlotte’s Future In Banking, Finance

JLF’s Jon Pritchett in the Charlotte Observer: There’s Hope For Charlotte’s Future In Banking, Finance

JLF Senior Vice President Jon Pritchett explains why he's bullish on Charlotte's future, if we simply let the free market work.

Writing in the Charlotte Observer, our Jon Pritchett analyzes Charlotte’s role in the finance industry. He says the city still has a strong future despite national bank consolidation. Among his thoughts:

Charlotte may not ever go back to leading the nation in the number of giant banks headquartered downtown, but it should continue to lead in finance technology and industry disruption because of all the brain power and experience that remains. Unlike regulatory compliance, which gives the mega banks an advantage, technology tends to level the playing field. Charlotte can be a leader in developing and exploiting emerging technologies that will shape new business models and customer experiences.

Read the entire piece here.

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