More Malarkey

Last week I posted this – refuting the on-going malarkey from the left claiming North Carolina has increased taxes.  Malarkey!

Now they are claiming NC’s economy is hurting, teachers and state employees aren’t being treated right, and middle class families can’t get a break. Malarkey!

In our ongoing efforts to set the record straight, here are the facts, 1,2,3,4.

  1. North Carolina’s economy is lagging? NC has beaten the national and regional averages in gross domestic product (GDP), job creation and per-capita income growth since the adoption of conservative budgets in 2013.  252,000 net new jobs have been created in NC since Gov. McCrory took office in 2013.
  2. Limited the state’s ability to do much for teachers and state employees? Teacher pay has increased 15% over the last four years, 2016-17 increase is nearly 5%, bringing the average to $50,000, the highest in the SE. NC’s teacher pay has increased faster over the last several years than any state in the country. Overall spending on education increases by $512M more than last year. This year’s budget provides more than $550M in salary and benefit increases for state employees. Retired state employees receive a 1.6% cost of living bonus.
  3. No help for the middle class? Major tax relief for middle class families and small businesses with an increase in the standard deduction (or zero tax bracket), making the first $17,500 a family earns exempt from paying any income tax on that amount. Who benefits most? Hard working families making less than $80,000 per year, or 86% of North Carolinians.
  4. Increased sales tax? The sales tax rate has dropped from 5.75% in 2010 to 4,75%, a $1B annual savings to NC taxpayers.

Becki Gray / Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Outreach

Becki Gray is Senior Vice President of the John Locke Foundation. She provides information, consultation, and publications to elected officials, government staff and other dec...