DPI examines state funding trends

The NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) recently updated a graph detailing changes to state per pupil funding.

It is interesting for two reasons.  First, if Republicans leaders continue to follow the trend depicted below, then North Carolina’s K-12 budget will receive a sizable boost next year.

Second, it shows how Democrats slashed state education funding during the Great Recession.  (Note: Follow the pink bars.  The green and blue bars represent federal stimulus funds.)  During the 2010-11 school year, state funding was just above $5,100 per student.  This year, state funds will provide nearly $5,750 per student.  Whether this was a good or bad thing is a discussion for another time.

I have seen some folks use the 2008-09 school year as the baseline, even though Democrats passed two subsequent budgets.  The first budget under a Republican legislative majority funded public schools for the 2011-12 school year.  Indeed, a more defensible baseline would be the 2010-11 school year (Democratic budget) or the 2011-12 school year (Republican budget).

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Terry Stoops / Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies

Terry Stoops is the Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the Locke Foundation, he worked as the progra...

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