Civitas: OK, WRAL, let’s play your game, but let’s do it completely

Civitas’ Susan Myrick shows all the reductio ad hominem that WRAL’s ridiculously Koch-obsessed report missed.

Turns out, there was a bunch.

Myrick’s report gives “the rest of the story: the left-leaning groups and rich people who fund the solar and wind power lobby for their own profit.”

As Myrick concluded,

Wealthy, self-interested businessmen are largely funding the government cronyism behind the renewable industry, in seek of exploiting political privilege for personal gain.

An honest journalist would be consistent in citing the funders behind both sides of the renewable energy debate.

As poor as the journalism was, the reasoning was even worse. WRAL’s report tried to portray the Koch brothers’ ties to the debate as exerting some kind of untoward political influence in favor of their industry, but how exactly would they be doing it? By arguing, apparently, that competing industries stop getting special government favoritism (cronyism) in the form of highly generous tax credits and even purchase mandates.

In other words, WRAL has the special interests and evil rich influencing government to serve their interests and industry exactly 100 percent backwards.

As my colleague, Roy Cordato, showed today, and as I’ve shown over and over and over again, solar advocates boldly admit that their industry is completely dependent upon government favoritism.

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