Gov. Pat McCrory signs distillery sales bill

Rep. Mike Hager
Rep. Mike Hager

Gov. Pat McCrory has signed the distillery sales bill, which will allow local distilleries to sell one bottle of spirits on premise for off-premise consumption to an individual once a year.

Said House Majority Leader Mike Hager, R-Rutherford:

“We heard from business owner after business owner across the State about ABC provisions that were impeding company progress. HB-909 includes common-sense fixes that will quickly translate to economic growth and job creation.”

Rep. John Bell, R-Wayne, said:

“Wineries and breweries are able to sell their product on their premises, allowing distilleries to do the same is a reasonable and consistent solution. Distillery owners will now have better opportunity to grow a customer base; and thus, expand their operations and workforce exponentially.”

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