Jeffrey Goldberg Exposes Myths about Charlie Hebdo

In a long piece in the Atlantic discussing the left’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo murders, Jeffrey Goldberg exposes, not only the left’s willful ignorance about the magazine and its murdered employees, but also its hypocrisy and incoherence regarding the Muslim world and its relationship with the West. He notes, for example, that:

No fundamentalist interpretation of any religion deserves the protection and sympathy of progressives. Islamists—adherents of a politicized, radical strain of Islam—are misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-enlightenment, and possess no tolerance at all for members of religious groups whose beliefs conflict with their own. These are traits one traditionally associates with the far-right, but some on the left are happy to support Islamists—even Islamist terror groups—simply because they stand in opposition to the West.

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Jon Guze / Director of Legal Studies

Jon Guze is the Director of Legal Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the John Locke Foundation, Jon practiced law in Durham, North Carolina for over twent...

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