The power of saying ‘no’

In a shocking development given recent history, the city of Charlotte is actually attempting to negotiate with the Charlotte Hornets over upgrades to Time Warner Cable Arena. The Charlotte Hornets and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority want nearly $48 million in upgrades while the city has countered at $33.5 million. Just wish the city (and the Uptown Powers That Be) had shown any type of backbone in their negotiations with the Panthers, in which the city had a by far better negotiating position that with the Hornets.

Michael Lowrey

Michael Lowrey is a contributor to Carolina Journal and a policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation. Lowrey has written numerous articles for the foundation on topics su...

Reader Comments

  • Skyler the Weird

    How old is this arena? Troglydytes like me predicted that they would be coming back for more money within 6-7 years or threaten to move the team to be ‘competitive’. They’ll probably want a new state of the art building on Tyvola Road.

  • cheld

    The city’s starting position should be $0.00.

    “You don’t build an arena to host basketball.” – Johnny Harris to Charlotte City Council

  • Tandemfusion

    Why should the people of who don’t go to basketball games give a dime to the team? And why shouldn’t the people who do go to games pay the cost of their entertainment?

    The classic answer is that the team does so much for the city. To whihc I say, “Like what?”. When George Shinn was asking for a newer venue and it was put to a vote, the voices crying out over what would be lost if the Hornet’s left were everywhere, and they were loud. Since even the phony vote failed(as you recall, the arena was bundled with far more popular and more public Discovery Place) we found out what would happen when the Hornets left: nothing. The city did not become a backwater. People did not begin confusing Charlotte with Charlottesville and Charleston. Major companies did not begin looking to move due to the reduced quality of life. And economic decline did not begin.

    So we know the classic answer is a fraud. Now, does anyone have a REAL reason why the working people of Charlotte should hand over millions to Michael Jordan, to subsidize something they don’t watch, won’t see, and don’t care about?