‘Thom Tillis killed my pet fish’

Because, you know, he’s just that kind of guy. You can read the Carolina Journal article explaining what this is all about here (note article headline).

Michael Lowrey

Michael Lowrey is a contributor to Carolina Journal and a policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation. Lowrey has written numerous articles for the foundation on topics su...

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  • richie

    uh, the fish-kill thingy posted a while ago… sure it was funny, but I didn’t read it. Current events exhibit fracking as the contemporary topic, I didn’t read that either, scanned the JLF post and quickly qualified a pro-frack puff piece (“no containment found” is code for puff and qualifying puff in < 2 seconds is way too fast.)

    Seems diminishing media appeal may propel Tillis to never being heard from again. The frack thing's killing him, I can easily understand why someone like myself would vote for anybody but Tillis. And I haven't heard a thing from him yet… frack co's should cut some checks and show NC that they're not broke-a– fly-by-night boiler-room sociopaths, like they appear to be right now. perhaps get BP to make a sickening "lets go to work" commercial would be better than nothing?

    Tillis seems to need a media consultant. 3rd party vet-slam commercials aren't helping. The time to make hay with parodies never came, and are not scheduled – a media consultant might be able to explain it.