Coming soon to a Kay Hagan ad near you?

adultressSen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas is one of those Democrats in a Red State taking heat for supporting Obamacare enthusiastically in the heady days of 2009 when Obama was riding high and Democrats owned the House and the Senate.

But, like our own Sen. Kay Hagan, he’s now trying desperately to find a way to mitigate that bit of insanity, inspired no doubt by the impeccably-pressed creases in the president’s pants, or his cleanliness and his articulate speech delivery.

In his latest ad, Pryor resorts to the ultimate desperate ploy: using the Bible as a political ad prop. In the words of the excellent headline by Allahpundit: “New Mark Pryor ad: If God can forgive me for voting for ObamaCare, why can’t you?” Here’s Allah’s first paragraph:

I’m paraphrasing, natch, but there’s a reason why this ad is heavy on human imperfection and verrry light on party identification. Pryor’s rightly worried about how the Democratic agenda’s playing at home in Arkansas, and by “agenda” I don’t mean raising the minimum wage. Odds that a future ad will include the phrase “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”: 95 percent.

How long before Hagan begins accusing North Carolina opponents of being the modern equivalents of those who wanted to stone the adultress in John 7-8?

Here’s the Pryor ad, if you’re interested.

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