New Friends in the Fight

Just putting a plug in for a new Triangle organization called ICON, as in “Issues Confronting Our Nation.” It was founded by several women from the Durham area in the bleak days following the 2012 presidential election. Instead of crying in their beer over the thought of another four years of the current regime, they decided to fight back. Their inaugural event is on June 18, at 7:00 at the Levin Jewish Community Center, 1937 West Cornwallis Road in Durham, featuring a lecture and book-signing by Diana West, “author of Death of the Grown-Up and the newly released American Betrayal,” who will “examine moral relativism, ‘political correctness,’ and other cultural ills that have left us unable to ask the hard questions.”

They’re following that with a forum in September on K-12 education on such hot-button issues as “school vouchers, charter schools, home schooling, religious schooling, Teach for America, Students for Education Reform and Common Core.”

Their website is here.

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