More Legal Options for Women

There’s a good piece in the Wilmington Star News this morning about home births in North Carolina and Senate Bill 106, which would make them easier.  To quote just a couple key paragraphs:

In this day and age, shouldn’t mothers have a say in where and how they give birth, as long as patient safety is not sacrificed? In that respect, Goolsby’s proposal is overdue. Not only is a home setting more comforting and often less hectic than a hospital, but it is a lower-cost alternative. Some North Carolina counties lack obstetricians; midwives can fill the gap. Good health care can be delivered in places other than hospitals, as long as the attendant has sufficient medical training to know when an at-home birth is ill-advised. And if mothers-to-be know they have a safe alternative, the popularity of home births may continue to rise.

Just as some mothers-to-be insist on ample pain relief while others want to give birth without drugs, there is no “right” or “wrong” in the desire to give birth at home.

Julie Tisdale / City and County Policy Analyst

Julie Tisdale is City and County Policy Analyst at the John Locke Foundation. Before coming to the Locke Foundation as the research publications coordinator, she worked at the...