Separate authority to run the airport?

Where exactly did the idea to maybe do that come from? And what exactly is going on here? From the UPoR:

In his speech, Foxx said: “In fact, in the backrooms of Raleigh, there appears to be a serious conversation about removing city control over the Charlotte/Douglas Airport, eliminating revenues we count on to pay for police and fire fighters, and cutting off transit funds. That’s wrong.”

Some legislators have been reportedly discussing creating an authority to manage the airport, which is now a city department. Aviation director Jerry Orr has said an authority would be beneficial for the airport, but that he isn’t leading any effort to break away from the city.

An authority would have its own board, meaning the aviation director would no longer report to the city manager and Charlotte City Council.

Interim City Manager Julie Burch is against an authority.

Under the current system, the city council must approve most airport expenditures and plans. But the airport’s success means council members usually take a hands-off approach, approving most airport items without discussion.

Bonus observation: Charlotte City Council is just a rubber for anything that goes on at the airport.

Michael Lowrey

Michael Lowrey is a contributor to Carolina Journal and a policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation. Lowrey has written numerous articles for the foundation on topics su...

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  • richie

    Anybody see UNC’s cancer commercial stating success is their only outcome. Yet they don’t offer snake oil and I think it’s a shame to be so disconnected with medical care and not sell oil.

    Back on topic (dissembling, but related…) The Bonus observation may seem misworded, yet oddly accurate.