Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, May 18, 2012

• Fifteen N.C. candidates have requested runoffs at the State Board of Elections.


• President Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina dismisses suggestions that Obama might not win North Carolina.


• After the Republican Governors Association runs ads against Democratic nominee Walter Dalton, a group funded by the Democratic Governors Association has purchased time to air commercials against Pat McCrory.


• The National Republican Congressional Committee adds 7th District nominee David Rouzer to its list of “contenders” — candidates who may get additional funding from the NRCC. The group considers Rouzer’s race against incumbent Mike McIntyre a tossup.


• The count of provisional ballots in House District 82 did not change the outcome: Larry Pittman defeated Jay White narrowly for the GOP nomination. With no Democrat filing, incumbent Pittman will keep his seat.

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