Ferg on WBT in Charlotte: The role of taxation now and in the future

On Sunday, Bobby DeMuro of WBT Radio (pictured) invited me on his show, and I was pleased to speak with him from Quito, Ecuador. We addressed the following questions:

  • When may taxation be justified?
  • How is taxation destructive to the economy?
  • How can libertarians not support government welfare?
  • What changes does the future hold for tax burdens?

Do have a listen (10 minutes, MP3), and don’t hesitate to email me your feedback.

[audio:http://lockerroom.johnlocke.org/app/uploads/2012/04/WBT-Apr-15-Hodgson.mp3|titles=WBT Apr 15 Hodgson]

Fergus Hodgson

Director of fiscal policy studies at the John Locke Foundation, policy advisor with The Future of Freedom Foundation, and host of The Sta...

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