Bagels, Tattoos, Blueberries, Playing Cards, Balloon Rides

Time reports on a few state tax polices here. Among the products/services some states tax are these:

Blueberries: Maine produces 99% of all wild blueberries sold nationally. As the old adage goes: have monopoly, will tax. (Or maybe we interpreted that somewhat loosely.) Blueberry monopoly? Check. Blueberry taxes? Check. Seriously, they’ve got all their bases covered. Anyone who grows, handles, processes, sells or purchases those delicious little berries is taxed a penny and a half per pound. Eating them, however, is duty-free — for now.

Tattoos: In 2005, Arkansas began charging a 6% tax on all tattoos and body piercing services.  That also includes electrolysis (otherwise known as hair removal) treatments. We all know it hurts to be beautiful — and in Arkansas, apparently, it also hurts your wallet to be beautiful.

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