Does the state employ a 95-year-old security guard?

I rummaged through the Charlotte Observer’s online Data Center last night and downloaded the latest N.C. government salary database (current as of March 6, 2012).  Here are a few of my discoveries:

  • The database includes over 93,700 full- and part-time employees.  It does not include include public school employees, General Assembly employees, University System employees or UNC Hospitals employees.
  • According to the database, the state of North Carolina employs two individuals in their 90s: a physician (90-years-old) and a security guard (95-years-old).  In addition, the state employs 68 workers in their 80s and 774 individuals who are between 70- and 79-years-old.
  • Six 16-year-olds share the title of youngest state employee.  Four of the six are hourly workers for the Division of Cultural Resources.
  • The highest paid state employee is the State Investment Officer, who receives a salary of $320,000 a year.  The largest change in pay went to one of his colleagues in the Treasurer’s Office, an investment director who (courtesy of a grade-band transfer) received a $102,000 salary increase.
  • One state employee had an original hire date of April 15, 1953.  Six others were also hired in the 1950s.
  • Over 18,000 are classified as a “new hire.”
  • The state employs almost 1,500 people named “John” or some variation of the name, over 1,250 people with the last name “Smith,” and approximately 20 John Smiths.

Terry Stoops / Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies

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