What if Obamacare is upheld?

In my American Thinker piece (below), I asked the question: If Obamacare is upheld, what next?

In this piece, Cato’s Gene Healy offers a highly plausible answer — the health busybodies will use the power to mandate health insurance to dictate whatever rules they would like to impose regarding “healthy lifestyles.” If we must purchase federally-approved health insurance so that the Obamacare system will “work” then why shouldn’t federal (and state, and local) officials be able to tell us what we must and must not eat and do so that the government’s health care system will “work”?

“Progressive” busybodyism has been advancing for many years, aided by court decisions that permit the busybodies to encroach further and further.

Reader Comments

  • Pops

    Again, invented by a conservative think tank, pushed by the GOP in the 1990s, used by the GOP prez nominee. Where was all the outlandish rhetoric and slippery slopes then?

    Face it: All this has to do with the GOP’s hurt feelings that they lost to Obama in 2008. In fact, the GOP platform is built around taking down Obama and everything he does. The GOP has no plan for its own, no great ideas, no unifying policies.

  • George Leef

    What an utterly obtuse comment.

    Evidently it doesn’t occur to this individual that the Republicans are just as much a part of our looming national disaster as Democrats are. Just because some conservatives came up with a foolish idea regarding health insurance in the 90s does not mean that it was a sound idea. I would opposed Republican plans for the further federalization of health care just as much as I oppose the current Democratic ones.

    Face it: Politicizing the entire field of medical care, which will inevitably happen if Obamacare and its torrent of authoritarian regulations continues, will have the same effect on quality and availability of care as the National Health Service has had in England. As Daniel Hannan put it in his recent book The New Road to Serfdom, England is the last place you’d want to be diagnosed with a major illness.

  • Pops

    Authoritarian? As obtuse as I may have been, using a word like that is equally overly hyperbolic.

    I won’t make a case for England or socialized medicine because the ACA is not socialized medicine. It’s nowhere close. Furthermore, if you ask anyone in England which system they would prefer–the one the US has now or the one England currently has, I would venture to say 95 percent of the English would say let’s keep our socialized care.

    Do you think otherwise?

    As far as my obtuse comment, I would say this: How else would you explain the massive amount of fear mongering and mudslinging and misinformation? From the pejorative “Obamacare” to death panels and “authoritarianism” conservatives have been out to tear down not only health care reform, but Obama in general. Never mind that Republicans INVENTED the mandate, that it is a free market based solution, that Obama purposefully offered mandates as a means to get the GOP on board, knowing of course that it would be impossible for the GOP to disdain an idea that they created and used.

    The only explanation is the GOP wanted to make this Obama’s Waterloo, facts be damned.