Our medical care system was not “broken” before Obamacare

Duke professor Chris Conover shows in this piece that our medical care system was not, as Obama and so many of his statist cheerleaders said, “broken” before the passage of Obamacare.

Now, saying that the system was not broken doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have been improved. It could have, by getting rid of government interference with competition and efficiency, starting with the idiocy of employer-provided health insurance. But NOOOOOO — the government addicts in power insisted that the solution was a vast increase in government interference, which is certain to raise costs and lower quality.

Reader Comments

  • Pops

    Health care can never, ever be purely driven my market forces. It is an impossibility in a country that believes people who need medical care should get medical care. It’s built into our laws.

    No matter how poor, in debt, derelict, mean or illegal you are in the US, you can get health care. It might be in an emergency room, but you get the care you need. We as a country will never allow people to die of cancer in the streets.

    Free markets, by nature, don’t account for these people. Other countries (all western countries) realize this, and have universal coverage, a baseline health care that spreads the costs to everyone.

    That said, free markets have a place in universal health care. After all, many of us will want to buy more coverage than the baseline eventually offered by the gov.