Obama’s “truth team” coming to N.C.!

Be careful what you say about President Obama or his “truth team” may call you out. ABC News and Cox Media report that the president is launching a legion of minions to defend the president’s record and answer what Obama flack Stephanie Cutter calls the “lies” that presumably will emerge during the course of the campaign.

Lucky us! North Carolina is one of the 13 states to experience the joys of a truth squad, Obama-style.

This reminds me of the ill-fated “Attack Watch” Obama launched sometime back that urged people to report attacks on the president. It was widely ridiculed because a) it was perceived as a heavy-handed attempt to stifle dissent and b) it was run by a bunch of idiots.

Meanwhile, all you need to know about Attack Watch and its ilk can be found in this informative (and very funny) video from Misfit Politics.


Rick Henderson / Editor-in-chief, Carolina Journal

Rick Henderson became editor-in-chief of Carolina Journal in August 2016 after being managing editor of Carolina Journal since April 2009. Before that, he had worked more than...

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