NYT’s David Brooks Finally Admits the Obvious: Obama is a Liberal, Not a Centrist

For years I’ve admired David Brooks’ writing style. He can be a joy to read in a time when writing skills are disappearing. Last election cycle, I was stunned when Brooks, a centrist, began singing the praises of Sen. Obama, and then President Obama, as a common sense centrist who would unite the country with his leadership skills, and policy views.

Uh, no.

And finally, like many others who populate the center and center-right, and who rejected Mr. Obama’s liberal fiscal and social policy views and convinced themselves he believed as they did, Mr. Brooks is out of defenses for our leftist president and his unprecedented expansion of government and deficit spending that seeks to mirror the policy disasters of western Europe.


“I still like him and admire him personally, but he’s certainly more liberal than I thought he was,” Brooks said.

“He’s more liberal than he thinks he is. He thinks he’s just slightly center-left, but when you get down to his instincts, they’re pretty left.



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