N&O: NCAE not a union, even though we call it a union


“GOP overrides veto of teachers union bill” (News & Observer article*, Thursday, January 5, 2012) “Just after 1 a.m. today, in a secreted session critics called unconstitutional, Republican legislative leaders passed a bill aimed at weakening the state’s largest teachers union.”


“The NCAE is not, by the way, what some Republicans imply, a union.” (News & Observer editorial, January 6, 2012)



* Subsequently changed to “GOP overrides veto of bill to weaken teachers group” because the NCAE is not, by the way, what the News & Observer calls, a union.

Terry Stoops / Director of the Center for Effective Education | John Locke Foundation

Terry Stoops is the Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Before joining the Locke Foundation, he worked as the progra...