Unthinkable: Will Gov. Bev Perdue Actually Succeed at Liberating the State's Worst Killers from Death Row?

Ask the average person off the street if they’d vote to potentially let over 100 of the state’s most brutal murderers off death row and commute their sentences to life if they could. Ask them if they’d free another 27 or so death row inmates outright. As in onto the street. See what they’d say.

That’s what the Racial Justice Act will likely do. It’s why nearly every person on the state’s death row has filed a court case to have their sentences reduced due to so called racial discrimination. Ironically, since those who kill white people are supposedly statistically more likely to get the death penalty, and it is mostly white killers who kill white people, its white killers who will benefit most from this — and who stand the greatest chance of walking off death row, and maybe out of their cells completely. It is a piece of legislation so radical that even California couldn’t pass a law like it when legislators there tried. No other state in the nation has a law that works like this.

Legislatively speaking, it is the closest thing to pure evil I’ve seen in my career because it uses so-called racial justice to free the most brutal killers in the state from death row, even if that means letting those who committed their crimes before 1994 back out on the street. And it has nothing to do with racial justice.

Our governor recently vetoed a law that would have largely overturned it. Now it looks like the GOP may not be able to stop her.

Years down the road when the dust settles and North Carolinians come to understand what the governor and the Democrats did here, it will floor them — and probably the rest of the nation. That will begin to happen in the coming years, maybe as soon as this year, when brutal killers — child killers, multiple body count killers, cop killers — begin to use this law to successfully get off death row and maybe out of prison entirely.

Clip and save this, if you doubt me.

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