Millionare homeowners on welfare

Just in case you were wondering where your tax money is going……..A federal official told a Seattle news station that “the housing voucher program provides coupons that help low-income people pay their rent. He says it allows people to get out of housing projects and move into the place of their choosing. ” But does that mean moving into a $1.2 Million home in an upscale neighborhood with landscaped gardens and a boat dock? Apparently so. Since 2003, this Seattle couple has been receiving more than $1,200 a month in public housing vouchers, plus monthly cash from the federal and state government for a disability, as well as food stamps. They’ve also taken lavish trips to Turkey, Tel Aviv and Mexican resorts. They honestly reported their address on the application and are not being criminally charged. Seems there’s a “flaw” in the system. Ya think?!?

Becki Gray / Senior Vice President

Becki Gray is Senior Vice President of the John Locke Foundation. She provides information, consultation, and publications to elected officials, government staff and other dec...

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  • Thanks for posting this, Becki.

    Of course there is a flaw, and it is another aspect of government welfare that seems to go largely unnoticed. Government bureaucracies (central planners) are incapable of accurate resource allocation, and this is just one case of many where such officials get it wrong. Most of us know this intuitively, even if it does not come up in debates. We show this when we do not donate to government agencies; rather we give to charities that compete for our money and actually know and interact closely with recipients.