Climategate 2.0

A second batch of emails to and from leading alarmist global warming scientists shows that the politicization of climate science continues.  Here is AEI’s Ken Green on the emails:

Had the scientists involved in Climategate 1.0 really given things a good airing and taken some transparent steps to distance climate science from political perversion, I dare say that few would pay much attention to Climategate 2.0. But they didn’t, and shenanigans continue. So, for example, new studies like this one keep coming out that seem suspiciously timed to coincide with United Nations meetings. Why else release the summary now, but hold the body text until February?

Given that Climategate 1.0 was whitewashed away by the institutions involved, and that whitewashing was gleefully parroted by the mainstream media, I’m expecting more of the same. But there’s hope: this time, the leaker has shown that there are several more tranches of data he/she could release, and probably will, should the actors involved continue to insist they are pure, objective, voices of science rather than people who have let themselves wander into the politicization of science. So perhaps the climate science community might consider letting in some sunshine and cleaning up its act to get ahead of the curve. Meh. Probably not.