Propaganda Funds Questioned

The half-debate over whether or not Buncombe County should levy a quarter-cent tax increase continues. No hyperlinks are provided, as I disagree with the news angle today, and do not wish to spew faulty conclusions.

Citizens are concerned that funds have been misappropriated to campaign in favor of the tax. A PAC was set up to raise funds to campaign for the tax. Faculty have leaked information about mildly coercive tactics keeping them walking on eggshells. Already, the campaign has agreed to return $10,000 wrongly acquired from student activity funds. The remainder of funds raised is questioned because the AB Tech Foundation is a 501(c)(3), an organization forbidden by law to donate to PAC’s or set up PAC’s.

The tax is supposed to fund buildings at AB Tech, but due to a shortage of binding language, citizens are expecting revenues to find other applications. They don’t like the absence of a sunset clause, either.

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