Graduation rates: The big picture

Charlotte Observer columnist Fannie Flono offers an overview of graduation rate differences among racial and ethnic subgroups, and based on this data, she concludes that “We – as a community and a state – must do a lot more to make sure all students get that diploma.”

According to Flono,

In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the challenge to boost the graduation rate is even tougher when you look at the rates by demographics. CMS made welcome progress this year – moving from a 69.9 percent graduation rate last year to 73.6 percent this year. But it trails the state in graduation rates for most all categories except for whites, where the rate was 86.6 percent

But there is more to this debate than graduation rates.  A diploma does not mean much if the child has not mastered basic literacy and math skills.  Indeed, community college remediation rates for CMS schools during the 2008-2009 school year were unacceptable.

School Graduation Rate One or more remedial course(s)
David W Butler 80% 68%
E E Waddell 59% 81%
East Mecklenburg 64% 63%
Garinger 67% 76%
Harding Univ 82% 87%
Hawthorne 41% 78%
Hopewell 75% 80%
Independence 67% 80%
Myers Park 80% 55%
North Mecklenburg 78% 100%
Northwest Arts 74% 68%
Phillip Berry Academy 82% 70%
Providence 87% 64%
South Mecklenburg 80% 75%
West Charlotte 55% 86%
West Mecklenburg 56% 76%
Zebulon B Vance 60% 79%

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