America’s free fall in economic freedom

How did Canada get to be economically freer than the United States, at least according to two credible measures? That’s right, both the Heritage Foundation and the Fraser Institute place the United States in that position, falling from the world’s top ten freest nations (even lower than the United Kingdom in one!). According the Fraser Institute’s 2011 report, the United States fell four places in just one year, to 10th place overall from sixth in 2010.

“Much of this decline is a result of higher spending and borrowing on the part of the U.S. government, and lower scores for legal structure and property rights,” notes the Fraser Institute release. has just released a video explaining the benefits of economic freedom and the serious ramifications of the United States’ rapid downward trend. Do check it out and share it around. (This follows an earlier episode by the same organization. The first was devoted purely to the benefits of economic freedom, which are overwhelming.)

Fergus Hodgson

Director of fiscal policy studies at the John Locke Foundation, policy advisor with The Future of Freedom Foundation, and host of The Sta...

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