The economy in haiku

The Economist notes that the Kauffman Foundation joined economics and literature in their latest questionnaire on the economy.

THE KAUFFMAN FOUNDATION conducts a quarterly survey of economics bloggers (you can see the third quarter results here). It tends to focus on current economic conditions and policy questions, but the fourth quarter questionnaire contained something a little different: a challenge to capture the state of the economy in haiku.

Here are a few samples:

Those kids blame the banks.
Is Wall Street pre-occupied?
Next: capital strike.
Michael Munger

New Commanding Heights
Credentials Suffocating
Let the market work
Arnold Kling

The goal is simple
Get Americans to say
“I, Entrepreneur”
-Nick Schulz

Keynes’ America falls
Growth will emerge with startups
Hayek wins the day
-Tim Kane

Tax the Rich and Now
Borrow to Invest in Stuff
Bring Back the New Deal
– Daniel Gross

Climate change question
Cap-and-trade or carbon tax
Either efficient
John Whitehead

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